Kreslené filmy s anglickým dabingem

Naši partneři v zahraničí mohou sledovat kreslené filmy o právech dětí s anglickým dabingem. Podívat se na ně můžete i vy na našem kanálu Práva dětí na křižovatce.

You will find the animated films on the channel „Práva dětí na křižovatce“ on YouTube.

Are you interested in what it´s like for the children to grow up with the immature parent? Watch Petr´s story.

Try to think of the possible consequences on his life.? Could his fate be somehow prevented?

Ivetka is struggling with alternating care. She is too young and fragile to adapt to frequent changes in her life´s arrangement. Two schools, two homes, missing out on friend’s activities, that’s lot to cope with of for a 6-year old girl. Not even her teddy bear can help her stand that.

Do you have a child and the school is a sort of a nightmare for both of you? Watch Jirka´s story here Sometimes the parents follow their own dreams rather than making sure their child gets an opportunity to realize their talents and potential.

This year we are witnessing an unprecedented wave of migrants coming to Europe. How can we integrate a large number of people when we are still under the influence of various stereotypes. See how the stereotypes develop very early and this affects both the majority and the minority. Watch Evička´s story.

If you are raising a teenager, don´t miss out on Eliška. Teenagers have a tendency to test the limits of the newly acquired freedoms and sometimes they happen to hit the blind alley. The parents need to be very careful and not to trespass fragile borders of the trust.

Kevin´s story will show how important it is to give children in care the right to be active participants of making decisions regarding their life and future.

Lucka will explain that even very young children need to get proper information about the situation in the family although it seems they cannot understand it. Everything what is happening in the family is immediately affecting the children.

Jakub reminds us that some families and children can become invisible to social services.

Tomáš (14) is facing a dilemma: to stay with his Granma or to come back to his Mum. He needs support to make a right decision.

Pavel is new at school. He´s desperately looking for friends at every cost, so that he doesn´t notice he´s become a victim of bullying. Radim is bored, so he´s looking for some fun…  and Pavel is willing to play along. Surprisingly, both boys are struggling with the same problem, parents´ lack of attention.


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